Athletes begin to lose their capacity to recover when they reach the age of 30, and from a biological standpoint, this capability has surely deteriorated by the age of 35. Many athletes feel these limita tions and start considering retirement during this period. Just as a piece of metal gets weakened when it is made to bend repeatedly in the same way, it is the repetition of certain movements that causes persistent fatigue and injury to the body, and this is how the athlete’s performance deteriorates.

Dr. Ma’s neurological dry needling system is not a trial-and-error approach but is supported by evidence from scientific and clinical research. I can guarantee that it has a huge effect on an athlete’s rate of recovery in their daily routine and it is the best system for mitigating chronic deficiency and damage. Obviously Dr. Ma’s NDN system is beneficial not only to athletes but to anyone who suffers from soft tissue injury, whether acute or chronic.

I believe that Dr. Ma’s neurologic approach has the capacity to bring gold medals not only in sports but also in everyone’s life.

I am confident that Dr. Ma’s neurologic dry needling system will be a centerpiece of the condi- tioning and physical therapy industry for many years to come.