Dr Ma’s new textbook on Dry Needling

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Dr Ma’s new textbook ” Contemporary Integrative Dry Needling” ™ will be published Summer 2016

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We don’t need to say that our course is one-of-a-kind.

Our students say it for us: "This course is beyond great! For the following reasons (more)..."

Dr Ma's Sports course will teach you the science and provide the “how to” for you to reduce Cellular Aging in the athlete. Not only does it provide valuable practical information and techniques, but the course and book gives the clinician the effective tools to use for assessing, analyzing and evaluating the autonomic nervous system". Dr. Clayton Gibson, III, DC, Personal Physician to  Elite, Olympic and Professional Athletes, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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Integrative Dry Needling ™, aka Dry Needling for Physical Therapy / Neuro-muscular Dry Needling ), aka Dry Needling, neuro-muscular aproach developed by Dr Ma for Physical Therapists , Chiropractors, Physicians, ND, NP, RN

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Dr Ma’s new textbook “CONTEMPORARY INTEGRATIVE DRY NEEDLING” is finished and will be published mid- 2016. Thank you all for inquires. As you all know
Dr.Ma is never repeating himself, he is writing NEW books (Dr. Ma second book on DN is also ready,will be in print shortly) , NEW approach to Dry Needling for you, full of new practical information.


  • All treatment procedures and needling techniques presented in our courses are developed by Dr Ma and can be learn ONLY at Dr Ma’s courses, presented by Dr.Gargano (course for PT, DO, DC, MD) and Sue Falsone (course for ATC)
  • Dr Ma’s students are practicing virtually PAIN FREE dry needling immediately and comfortably on a strong professional level after completing his Certification in Dry Needling course.
  • Dr Ma as a pioneer of Integrative NEURO-MUSCULAR Dry Needling System, and creates unique neuro-modulation systemic approach in dry needling for treating myofascial pain
  • Our Safety Record is impeccable: ALL DR MA’s STUDENTS HAVE BEEN PRACTICING DRY NEEDLING ACCIDENT-FREE. Please compare other courses safety record. Facts speak better than a thousand words of Dr Ma’s professional experience and attention to safety issues.


2015: Three new Institutes will be teaching Dr. Ma’s existing and brand new courses. Please see the New Developments at Dr. Ma’s American Dry Needling Institute page for exciting news about our future direction

Ever since I have taken Dr. Ma’s course for dry needling it has taken off in my practice! I can no longer support the number of patients that are asking for it and they have to wait several weeks to see me”.Tony Del Angel D.C

Dr. GARGANO’s WEBSITE and course schedule info
President of Dr Ma’s Integrative Dry Needling Institute. Dr Gargano is the only one who teaches the same courses that Dr. Ma was teaching

  • FOR INFORMATION AND COURSE REGISTRATION for DR GARGANO’s Dry Needling courses please click (click for Dr Gargano’s website)or call 404-594-4221
  • “Decided to take Dr Ma’s course based on the reputation of being the “Best Dry Needling Course” in the nation and also teaching a pain-free method of needling. This course exceed my expectations and I feel 100% confident to treat my patients.” Jon Seeman, PT
  • “I have attended more than 50 seminars in the last 5 years.
    This has beed by far the most informative course that I have ever been to”
    Eric Clark, DC

    In 30 years it has been a rare occasion for a procedure to revolutionize my practice in terms of outcomes and patient management. Dr. Ma’s Integrative Dry Needling courses are one of those exceptional courses that truly enabled me to raise my clinical results.
    Donald DeFabio, DC


Sue Falsone, PT, ATC will present Dr Ma’s DN course specifically created for ATC. All other medical professionals are welcome.
WEBSITE www.Systemicdryneedlingcourses.com