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CPT Dustin T. Overholt

CPT Dustin T. Overholt

Dustin T. Overholt, CPT, SP PA-C, 10th MTN DIV 1/71 CAV
 Kandahar, Afghanistan.


CPT Seth Holland

CPT Seth Holland performing dry needling in JSS Zafraniyah, Iraq.

Story on the Soldier. 26 y/o female with mid to upper back pain times 3 years. Patient has seen physical therapy, with no improvement of her symtpoms. Patient was taking chronic muscle relexants, and NSAIDs and on occasional narcotics for her pain. She was on a profile for no running or pushups. Key exercises that are needed in the Army. After approximately 6 treatments her symtpoms improved and she was able to start running and doing pushups, She still needs maintance treatements, do to her body armor exacerbating her symptoms, but she is no longer chronically taking NSAIDs or muscle relaxants.

Corps Connection - 15 Apr Page 18

Corps Connection – 15 Apr Page 18