Integrative Dry Needling  by Dr Ma — International Golden Standard for Neurologic INtegrative Dry Needling.
Dry Needling  Courses for Physical Therapists  and Chiropractors.

(aka Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) , aka Intromuscular Manual therapy (IMT) aka dry needling techniques (DNT))

The way Dr Ma’s Dry Needling course is organized:

We  happily go the extra mile for our students. Here’s how:

    1. Dr Ma’s tutorial-style apprenticeship courses are very intense and filled to the brim with clinical knowledge and supervised clinical practice with needles.
    2. Effective logistics. We organize practice sessions into groups of three professionals who practice on each other at one treatment table: There is no crowding, and everyone gets ample amount of one-on-one time with Dr Ma. He  closely supervises and guides each and every student and answers all questions the moment they arise.
    3. Mixed groups. Typically our courses are attended by physical therapists and chiropractors. The interdisciplinary input is an additional bonus for students.
    4. Time and cost-effective preparation: the Dry Needling Course includes preparatory home study using Dr Ma’s two textbooks and updated course manual, so that we don’t waste much time on introducing background theory and we are ready to roll from the first day. When the course ends on a Sunday, chiropractors and physical therapists are excited to get into the clinic on Monday and start using what they have learned.

    Attentin : NEW DR.MA TEXTBOOK ON NEUROLOGIS DRY NEEDLING SYSTEM IS NOW AVAILABLE and you can order it only at our website.

    1. Learning by immersion: ALL THREE DAYS  physical therapists and chiropractors are are using needles under Dr Ma’s close supervision and meticulous instructions.