For the sake of the public health we are presenting information below.
We would like to applaud efforts of all Physical therapists who contact us and are making public aware of the fraudulent activities, who protecting public health in their countries.

Below are just several examples of the inquires we received in direct response to Mr. Jain’s fraudulent claims: ( we keep original spelling, for all these PT’s English is a second language)
” Dear Dr. Ma,
I recently came across an advert for dry needling course in India by (Dr?) Vardhaman Jain (please see attached add below). He claims himself to be trained under you. I would appreciate if could please confirm whether he has been trained by you and is he eligible to conduct such a course?”

“I am a physiotherapist who keen to attend Dry needling course.
There is one senior physio coming to my country conducting a dry needling work shop.
His name is Varadahm Jain origin from India. Claiming that he is working under Dr Yun Tao Ma organization. I am writing this mail to seek for clarification.
If yes, then could he teach Dr Yun concept worldwide?”

Or this one:
Urgent Enquiry from Malaysia
“Subject: Clarification
Date: May 23, 2016 at 8:39:39 PM GMT+8
We have a course coming up in our country by one instructor. His name is Vardhman Jain from India. He claims he represent Dr Ma Institute in Asia and also working freelance under
Dr Ma. I would like to know if that is true and does he has the qualification to teach as an instructor representing Dr Ma? Please refer to the link below. Would be appreciate if you could let me know as soon as possible. ”

“. We are based in Malaysia and Vardhman Jain is invited to conduct a course here. Is it possible for you to post an official notice ……) to state that he is not under Dr Ma Integrative Dry Needling Institute?

This is an excerpt from an add in Saudi Arabia :
Dr Vardhman Jain is currently working freelance in Mumbai with Advance Sports & Trauma management in dry needling under Yun Tao Ma (USA)” (Next week we’ll post add with photo)

From an Indian physical therapist who wrote to Dr. Gargano:
“Jain guy is doing your exact course and you should worry about him.”)