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  • JUNE, 2016, GERMANY. Dr. Ma presented his new Dry Needling course for USA military Special Forces.

Fraud Info, Additional Information

Over the years we taught many students from India — hard working, eager to learn professionals. Mr. Jain is the first one to have been involved in fraudulent activity. A Chinese proverb states: “A Lie has short legs: it cannot run very far.”

In 2012 Mr. Jain attended two of Dr. Ma’s 3-day dry needling courses for Physical Therapists — courses which are currently outdated. These courses were solely for practitioners and did not provide the breadth of knowledge to safely teach Dry Needling. Mr. Jain has neither the requisite knowledge nor the legal right to imply to be associated with our Institute.

Further, we believe that he is presenting a fractured and distorted view of the Dry Needling modality, thereby endangering the public health.
Note, that the use of personal and tablet computers while attending the course is strictly forbidden, and the prohibition is meticulously enforced.
We are currently in the process of collecting and evaluating Mr. Jain’s course notes — thank you for your tips and submissions.

On May 25, 2016, Dr. Frank Gargano, President of Dr Ma’s Integrative Dry Needling Institute sent the e-mail below:

To the IHFE academy and specifically Vardhman Jain,
You are holding yourself out to be affiliated with the Dr. Ma Dry Needling Institute and working in conjunction with us. We have the trademark to the name and you are using it illegally and are here by put on notice that you are not permitted to use the name in anyway related to teaching courses or disseminating our information. We have been made aware of this through several groups from within India and Malaysia most recently a , which provided us your website info.

We have made it clear to these groups that you do not have authority, permission or even the current information related to teaching our concept and therefore are operating fraudulently. We strongly suggest that you pull all references from your website about Dr. Ma’s Dry Needling Institute and cease in using our information and presenting it as your own.

Frank Gargano, PT, DPT, OCS, CIDN, MCTA, CWE
President – Dr. Ma’s Integrative Dry Needling Institute LLC

On the same day Mr. Jain hurriedly deleted multiple fraudulent statements, and the very same day he started to
deny having ever made the fraudulent claims. An excerpt from a post on his website:
“…I am ready to prove my innocence if Dr. Ma is ready to accept the challenge …. (look at) various places online and see there is no claiming … (that I used) his name / brand / identity to get a workshop or organize a workshop…”

We believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. Please see the screenshot with the fraudulent claims below:

vj - masked