Dr. Ma conducts his first in Asia Dry Needling training course. The course took place in Suzhou, China in May 2016.

“Dr. Ma’s System of Dry Needling is based on modern science, neuroscience and clinical medicine. It presents a unique approach in treating soft tissue dysfunction, sports injuries, trauma and pain. Nantong Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, Nantong Medical School Hospital organized the course. By invitation Dr. Ma conducted his first 4-day-long Asian Dry Needling Training Course in Suzhou, China in May 2016. Over fifty medical professionals from different parts of China attended Dr Ma’s Dry Needling course specifically created for Physical Therapists.
Dr. Ma’s students — medical doctors, doctors of TMC (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Physical Therapists, Sports Physicians ,conclud that Dr. Ma’s modern dry needling system offers a unique needling approach and is different from TCM acupuncture.

— Shen Guang-yu,
Professor of Nantong Medical School Department of Rehabilitation Medicine,
Chief medical doctor of Nantong Medical School Hospital Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
Council of China Rehabilitation Technique Transformation and Promotion,
Council of China Rehabilitation Association, Council of China Rehabilitation Education Committee,
Committee member of Rehabilitation Department of China Medical Association,
Deputy director of committee of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine

China Course Photo 1
Front Row, Center: Shen Guang-yu, Professor of Nantong Medical School Department of Rehabilitation Medicine and Dr. Ma

A special “Thank You” to Wu Quifeng (Photo #1, Front Row, Left), MD, PhD for all his help organizing this course, his knowledge and his kindness.

China Course Photo 2

Thanks to all our students, who continue to amaze us with their dedication!