Dr Ma’s System of Integrative Dry Needling

Modernization of Manual Medicine

  • JUNE, 2016, GERMANY. Dr. Ma presented his new Dry Needling course for USA military Special Forces.

Testimonial by Dr Clayton Gibson III

for Sports and Trauma Rehabilitation
Dry Needling Techniques

Testemonial by Dr. Clayton Gibson, III,
Personal Physician to Numerous Elite, Olympic and Professional Athletes,
Atlanta, GA, USA

In my field, athletes are always looking to gain a competitive edge.
In the past, they relied on incomplete methodologies for athletic enhancement. Therefore, Big Thinkers make big things happen. For us, this Big Thinker provided the clinician with a scientifically proven reference manual demonstrating Advance Dry Needling Techniques which gives detail guidance for enhancing the neuromuscular, musculoskeletal and physiological systems of the elite , professional and recreational athlete.
Who’s this Big Thinker? Well….. Wait no longer….It’s my friend and mentor Dr. Yun-Tao Ma. Dr. Ma’s course and book for Dry Needling for Sports Medicine provides a scientific approach for Physicians, Physical therapists and Chiropractors Therapists and acupuncturists aspiring to achieving optimal balance and maximize athletic performance.
Dr Ma’s book provides a simple, detailed and proven process for detecting and correcting soft tissue dysfunction, preventing chronic sports injuries and maintaining homeostasis by utilizing Advance Dry Needling Techniques to de-stress the musculoskeletal system.
Dr. Ma gets the nervous system firing, the clinician excited and make the athlete say “WOW” after receiving his Advance Dry Needling Therapy. After 10 years of working as a personal performance enhancement doctor, I was impressed when Ma’s course and book taught me how to add years to the career and life of my athletes.
It will teach you the science and provide the “how to” for you to increase micro-circulation and reduce Cellular Aging in the athlete. Not only does it provide valuable practical information and techniques, but the book gives the clinician the effective tools to use for assessing, analysing and evaluating the autonomic nervous system.
It is an Eastern Philosophy and Western Philosophy merged to create wholeness for the advancement of Sports Medicine. Simply said, “Dr. Ma understands and teaches proven scientific principles for getting “sick muscles well” through the use of Advance Dry Needling Therapy in a well referenced book and his Sports and Trauma rehabilitation course”.

Dr. Clayton Gibson, III,
Personal Physician to Numerous Elite, Olympic and Professional Athletes, Atlanta, GA, USA