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Preface by Herbert L. Silver

Dr Ma’s System of Integrative Dry Needling

Modernization of Manual Medicine

  • JUNE, 2016, GERMANY. Dr. Ma presented his new Dry Needling course for USA military Special Forces.

Preface by Herbert L. Silver

for Sports and Trauma Rehabilitation
Dry Needling Tehniques

Preface by Herbert L. Silver, PT, Doctor of Science, MBA,
adjunct faculty Mercer University Physical Therapy

Dr Ma takes our understanding of dry needling to a new level by explaining the comprehensive biological and physiological processes involved with using needles.

Dry needling research has traditionally focused on treating local pathology and the local effects. Advancing the use of dry needling from a focus on local responses allows the practitioner to apply this intervention with a better understanding of all of the potential systemic effects including those on the central nervous system.

Dry Needling acupuncture combines the research on dry needling with the worldwide research that explains the effects of this intervention from a modern scientific perspective, giving us a more comprehensive understanding of its effects.

Using the research foundation compiled in this book and the clinical insights in treating patients and athletes, the use of needles as a treatment modality can be studied with a solid scientific foundation, enhancing our understanding of this valuable intervention.

In our physical therapy clinics, many athletes request a comprehensive dry needling intervention as developed by Dr Ma and presented in this book, noting improvement in flexibility and faster recovery. For the athlete, dry needling may be considered a “total body” intervention to enhance performance and maintain function after training and competition.

Herbert L. Silver, PT, Doctor of Science, MBA, adjunct faculty Mercer University Physical Therapy