Integrative Systemic Dry Needling Course Evaluation by Dr Ma’s students

We don’t need to say that our course is one-of-a-kind.
Our students say it for us

“This course is beyond great! For the following reasons:
• All proposed procedures easily incorporated into existing physical therapist practice styles and directing how to process systematically into treatment.
• Provide tools to predict diagnostic and prognostic category for each patient
• Explains mechanism of Dry Needling in the very practical way.
• It was confirming the need for classification for System Diagnostics and not individualizes pathology at the initial patient evaluation”
Bob Ladner ,PT, DPT

Absolutely fantastic. I left the course very, very excited. Very realistic expectations set -not a course that pretend everyone and everything will be cured”. Stuart Fife, PT, DPT, Atlanta, GA

This has been the most practical and educational course that I ever have had a pleasure to attend. I feel that systematic approach of Dr Ma is exactly what I was looking for. I feel empowered as a clinician and it will impact my PT practice significantly” Joseph Dugan, PT

“I wanted to thank you  for the great teaching and the introduction of an incredible method. I have so much good outcomes with your needles techniques and concepts. It’s certainly one of the best method for pain management, and to take your words a real ‘missing link’ in the practice of physical therapy and pain management.

“Treating with your approach also made me much better at understanding and differentiating tissue pathology from pain. Your method of needling demands us to question ourselves about what we are treating, pain and/or tissue damage. Needle lesions can address both problems stunningly. Merci beaucoup 🙂 ” Olivier Portelance Hudon, PT, Canada

This course is excellent. The parallels to physical therapy philosophy are remarkable. It will change my practice forever.”
Mike Garrero, PT

Dr Ma’s course and dry needling textbook  provides a simple, detailed and proven process for detecting and correcting soft tissue dysfunction, preventing chronic sports injuries and maintaining homeostasis by utilizing Advance Dry Needling Techniques to de-stress the musculoskeletal system.

Course was fantastic! I appreciate the realistic explanation of dry needling and dry needling application without expectations that it can heal everything. I really like that this course prepare me to logically determine how to adapt this technique to particular clients (not a recipe book) Lauren Armstrong,PT

This dry needling course was un eye opener. It seems we have found the missing link in our clinical practice. Julie and Richard Morrison, PT

” Dr Ma’s course wail change my practice immediately and forever.“S.Audet,PT

This is an excellent course and I strongly recommend it to any phisio who is looking for a way to learn many systems together. Really Integrative course. Hope to see you again in Canada..Diana Rugunanda,PT

THIS COURSE OPENED ME UP TO DRY NEEDLING. I was prepared to enjoy the course based on recommendations of other providers that have taking your course – but this was a real eye opener! Duane Smith , DC

I learn so much -esEspecially how well dry needling will integrate with my existing practice .Also I like a fact that we were treated as skilled professionals. Thank you so much! D. Blue

I like how that this course integrate all the different dry needling techniques into one manageable course – using Dr. Gunn, Dr. J.Travell + Dr. Yun-tao Ma techniques. Feel very comfortable to using dry needling Jamie Trick, PT

Dr. Ma is phenomenal teacher and his dry needling course is terrific. Most impressive part was simplicity of a treatment protocol and great patients evaluation tools.”
Jim Knight, MD

I tried the hip flexor protocol yesterday on a 52 year old ballet dancer/instructor. He has had moderate to severe pain in the right hip flexor and gluteus medius for over 2 years. I have tried deep tissue myofascial release work, cold laser, interferential electrical stimulation, manipulation, etc. with relatively little change. Yesterday JT stood up after the treatment and told me he had zero pain in the hip. Tom Spiridellis, DC